Former Pixar Storyboard Artist Releases the Ultimate Guide for Storyboarders Who Want to Upgrade Their Drawing Skills

Sergio Paez creates a storyboard.

StoryboardArt CEO and mentor Sergio Paez has just released a free online course that provides accelerated training to those who want to become story artists. Intro to Storyboarding is available for free for a limited time (June 1-30, 2022). It provides training from professionals on the five essential shots every story artist needs in their portfolio. It also teaches artists how to tell moving and effective stories with their art.

“Every artist always wonders if they have what it takes to become a professional. This free course is one of the ways I’m giving back to the community,” said Paez.

In addition, has also just published an informational article to help artists improve their drawing and art skills. Check out The Fundamental Drawing and Art Skills Every Storyboard Artist Needs. It’s a comprehensive tutorial on the skills, tools, techniques, and habits you need to succeed in the industry.Learn the drawing techniques that storyboard artists use

Sergio Paez (right) works on location set.

With storyboarding, you are striving to find the right balance between quality and efficiency. Since storyboards are used in the initial stages of developing a project, it’s important that storyboarders can draw boards quickly, while also telling a compelling story that can get made into a commercial, TV show, or film.Have a look at the tools of a storyboard artist

The tools you use are just as important as the skills you have as an artist. Learn the tools you should use as a storyboard artist and how they can open up new capabilities to create a great finished storyboard.Explore the cinematography work that goes into creating a storyboard

A great storyboard artist isn’t just someone who can draw. They also need to understand things like perspective, framing, and composition. In this free course, you will learn the basics of cinematography so you can translate scripts into a visual format.ABOUT STORYBOARDART

StoryboardArt is the online community for visual storytelling and sequential art. Through our online classes and workshops, professional storyboard artists teach the storytelling principles not found in art schools. Learn, build your network, showcase your art, find work, and collaborate with other industry professionals.

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