“Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience” Makes World Debut in Boston

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experiencedeveloped in partnership with the National Geographic Society, opens today at SoWa Power Station for a limited run. Bringing the magic and mystery of Ancient Egypt to Boston from the exclusive archives of the National Geographic Society, the anticipated exhibition invites visitors into the golden king’s world like never before.

As guests enter Beyond King TutThe Immersive Experience, they will meet Ancient Egyptian gods like Ra and Anubis before descending into King Tut’s burial chamber and joining his quest for immortality. They will relive one of the greatest discoveries of all time – the king’s tomb with all his treasures waiting inside, reclaimed from the desert sand after 3,000 years. With nine galleries to explore on a multi-sensory, multimedia journey, guests will wind through the story of a young boy whose name still looms large and how he changed the ancient – and modern – world. Tickets are available at www.beyondkingtut.com.

Beyond King Tut has aligned with The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), whose mission is to study and safeguard Egypt’s cultural heritage.

“For 100 years, the world has been fascinated by the story of the Boy King. The contents of his tomb, which come to life in this experience, have advanced the fields of archeology and Egyptology unlike any other discovery. We are proud to partner with the National Geographic Society on this rich experience and hope it will spark curiosity for the next generation,” said Dr. Louise Bertini, Executive Director, The American Research Center in Egypt.

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience, in partnership with the National Geographic Society, is produced by Paquin Entertainment Group and Immersive Experiences, including the creative team behind the King Tut artifact exhibitions that attracted millions of visitors around the world.

“It was such an honor to tour King Tut’s treasures around the world, but those objects have returned to Egypt forever. Beyond King Tut brings together some of that same team along with the all-stars of immersive art to present one of the world’s most fascinating stories in a whole new way, with no boundaries! Guests will get to experience the splendor of Egypt all around them and voyage with us to the Ancient Egyptian afterlife,” said Beyond King Tut creative producer Mark Lach.

Paquin Entertainment Group’s exhibition portfolio includes the acclaimed Beyond Van Gogh and Beyond Monet exhibitions that have attracted more than 3 million visitors around the world. Montreal’s world-renowned Normal Studio developed the exhibition grand finale, a breathtaking journey through the ancient Egyptian underworld.

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