The importance of reviews for your film success

Reviews: Do they matter?

For many filmmakers, the idea of reviews can be a bit complicated. While many of them can be considered as relative, especially since so many of the online reviews are so subjective. But believe it or not, they play an incredibly important role in the success of a film.

Even though at the end of the day it is mostly subject to personal opinion, getting reviews, positive or negative, are undeniably important for your movie. But why is it that the opinion of a handful of people in the movies is so important for the rest? Well, it is all about perspective.

Why is it important to get reviews?

Even though movies are art, there’s no denying that they have a marketing element to them. After all, you need to make some money to keep on making movies. Sadly the trailers can only show so much, and even then, a bad trailer can be terrible for the entire movie. And we all know there’s no free trial or demo version of movies.

Basically, people go in there by what they’ve seen in the trailers and marketing, but the reviews can be just as important to them as both of these. Whether you like them or not, one of the first things that come up on the web when you’re searching for a movie is the reviews on various websites.

The more reviews the movie has meant that it is more popular, and the more popular, the more likely are people to watch the movies.

Do I need positive reviews?

Well, it’s great to have positive reviews on your movies, but there’s more you need to consider. Some of these review sites divide their reviews into critics and audience, and for the most part, it’s more important to have a better opinion by the audience.

Sure, movie critics know their stuff, after all, they made a living out of this. But they can get carried away by many preconceptions, and sometimes give negative reviews to a movie just because it isn’t serious enough.

But when it comes to the audience, it is the average, normal moviegoer leaving their opinion. It’s like talking about a movie with your friends or family. There are no real basics and no high-class standards. This opinion is also a much honest one, as many times professional reviewers can lean a little more toward certain types of films.

Now, this is not to say that all your reviews need to be positive. You can have negative reviews and still have a great movie. Actually, it can become controversial, which is also a great thing to have in hand.

The more the better

When your movie has more reviews not only does it mean that it is more popular. It also shows that the movie has a certain level of impact on the audience. It means that the person saw the movie, and they just had to say their opinion about it.

Some movies you just watch and don’t even think about anymore after you get out of the theater (or living room, streaming platform, or however you watch them). But if people sat down to write their opinion on your film, it means you made an impact on them. And positive or negative, that’s one of the main goals of all arts, and films are one of the most beautiful types of art there is.

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