Announcing the Kickstarter for the LGBTQ2S Ancestor Oracle Deck and Book! The LGBTQ Community Has Chosen Family. And Those Chosen Families Have Ancestors

Emmy Award winning actor, writer and advocate JOANNE VANNICOLA launches Kickstarter for new Book and set of Oracle cards that represent the ancestors of our LGBTQ2S community.

Emmy Award winning actor, writer and advocate JOANNE VANNICOLA launches Kickstarter for new Book and set of Oracle cards that represent the ancestors of our LGBTQ2S community. 

The LGBTQ2S+ Ancestor deck represents the love, sacrifices, and joy of those who were here before us, who paved the way, who dreamed and demanded a better life with true equity, dignity, and human rights for queer and trans people. Not enough people know who they were.

This deck is meant to inspire, to uplift, and spark ideas about what is possible. It highlights the contributions of our people and provides a way to connect with our ancestors.

As Jo Vannicola says,I would have loved to have seen reflections of my identity while growing up and coming out, navigating the world of work, culture, systemic issues, and legal realities for LGBTQ2S+ people.

 I want people in the queer and trans communities to know more about our history, see reflections of ourselves, and really understand the level of genius and creativity that our ancestors possessed. They changed the world. For those who are not in the community, I really believe you will love these people and the cards as much as we do. This is for everyone, not just those in the LGBTQ2S+ community.

We need support. We need to raise funds to bring this project to life, to print, ship, pay people, and to get these beautiful ancestors to you.

Please share this fundraising project with friends and family and everyone! Sharing is just as important as donating so we can reach our goal. Thank you. Please visit the Kickstarter page.

Watch the video. See more images and get a sneak peek into the project.

Your help would mean the world.

Link to Kickstarter:

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