This Halloween Weekend “DAWN OF THE DEAD” is back in 3-D

This Halloween Weekend George A. Romero’s ultimate zombie classic DAWN OF THE DEAD is back on the big screen but this time in 3-D and only at Regal.

Following the sold-out opening night screening of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead in 3-D (1978) at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC earlier this year, New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc.® has partnered with Regal to bring this dazzling 3-D conversion of the cult-classic to the rest of the country over the 4-day Halloween weekend – Friday, October 28 through Halloween night, Monday, October 31!

With a minimum of 6 shows playing over 4 days in 250 theatres nationwide, every horror movie buff from coast to coast will finally get a chance to see Dawn of the Dead in 3-D!

But fans of Dawn shouldn’t worry about radical changes or edits to their beloved film. No, this is the original, uncut 1979 US theatrical release version of Dawn of the Dead, lovingly and meticulously adapted to 3-D format under the frame-by-frame supervision of Dawn‘s original producer, Richard P. Rubinstein. George A. Romero’s original editing remains untouched.

The movie is not available on any streaming platform, nor on cable, and has been out-of-print on DVD and BluRay in the U.S. for over a decade. As a result, it is estimated that 75% of the fans of this cult-classic have never had a chance to see George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead on a big screen in a theatre, let alone in 3-D. However, that all changes this 4-day Halloween weekend – only at Regal!

Regal will feature Dawn of the Dead in 3-D screenings at 250 theatres from October 28 through October 31. For a list of participating locations and to purchase tickets to this exclusive event, please visit the Regal mobile app or

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