“THE MARVELS” Soars Into 270-Degree Panoramic ScreenX and Multi-sensory 4DX Theaters

CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading producer of premium film formats and cinema technologies announced that Marvel Studios’ upcoming film “The Marvels” will be showcased in both the visually immersive, 270-degree panoramic ScreenX format and the multi-sensory 4DX experiential format. “The Marvels” flies into theaters on November 10.

In CJ 4DPLEX’s panoramic ScreenX auditoriums, audiences are in for an exhilarating ride and will soar to new heights with director Nia DaCosta’s “The Marvels.” Leveraging revolutionary technology, ScreenX elevates the movie theater experience by creating mesmerizing and captivating sights across dual-sided screens. As audiences step inside the ScreenX experience, they’ll feel as though they are woven into the heroic saga of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) alongside Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) as they unite to shield the world from impending peril. CJ 4DPLEX joined forces with Marvel Studios, Disney and Nia DaCosta to orchestrate breathtaking visuals that magnify the essence of pivotal moments within the action-packed film, exclusively available in the ScreenX format.

For those seeking an extraordinary departure from the traditional movie experience, CJ 4DPLEX offers the chance to transcend conventional boundaries through their effects-enhancing 4DX auditoriums. 4DX pushes the envelope with over 21 sensory effects, including motion, water, lightning, scents, among others. Audiences can be transported into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with over 790 4DX auditoriums playing “The Marvels” worldwide.

“‘The Marvels’ will take moviegoers on an exhilarating journey at Mach-3 speed alongside Captain Marvel in our unforgettable ScreenX and 4DX formats,” expressed Jongryul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “This highly-anticipated sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’ offers striking fight sequences and stunning visuals, and we are eager to share this electrifying film with audiences.”

Marvel Studios’ THE MARVELS Soars Into 270-Degree Panoramic ScreenX and Multi-sensory 4DX Theaters

“We are proud to have collaborated with Marvel Studios, Disney and visionary director Nia DaCosta. Together, we’ve created immersive and heart-pounding cinematic presentations for our ScreenX and 4DX formats,” said Don Savant, CEO & President, CJ 4DPLEX America. “At CJ 4DPLEX, our unwavering mission is to deliver exhilarating films for our unique premium auditoriums and to make these thrilling adventures accessible to audiences worldwide.”

“The Marvels” tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at any ScreenX and 4DX theaters near you.

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