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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia: “Stories from Around Japan”

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), international short film festival accredited by the Academy Awards® is pleased to announce the 9th Book Shorts Award winner selected for the short stories project. View the prize-winning novel in English on the Book Shorts website.
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Matt Williams Launches Aspirational New Project “Glimpses”

Matt Williams, the creator of the beloved television series "Roseanne" and "Home Improvement" has launched his newest project Glimpses: A Comedy Writer's Take on Life, Love, and All That Spiritual Stuff. A multimedia project, Glimpses consists of a podcast series, essays, public readings, lectures, seminars, and a forthcoming book sharing the same title. The aim of Glimpses is to spark kindness, inspire hope, and celebrate goodness, while simultaneously directing funds to a collection of children's charities worldwide.
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Multi-Talented Tony Schiena, Makes Directorial Debut With Newest Film The Weapon, Coming to Theaters This Week

Throughout his life, Tony’s skillsets ran the gamut, from being an accomplished heavyweight karate champion, group pioneer of a national sheriff association, and intelligence operative to actor, director, and producer of movies. Growing up watching action movies made him really want to emulate the characters, which in many ways, informed the direction of his life.