Award-Winning Filmmaker to Teach Female Creatives How to Fund Film Projects That Tell Powerful Stories

Alyscia Cunningham to launch “Let’s Talk BIPOC Creatives in Film” in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Silver Spring, MD, March 2022 // For Filmmaker and Creator Alyscia Cunningham, filmmaking has allowed her to share powerful stories through the lens of a Caribbean American woman. To celebrate National Women’s History Month, Cunningham will launch, “Let’s Talk BIPOC Women Creatives in Film,” a self-renowned project to teach BIPOC female filmmakers the ropes to funding their ideas for filmmaking projects. Beginning March 2, Cunningham will open registration for interested individuals to participate in a one-hour virtual introduction to funding film projects.

Cunningham has a long history of successfully navigating the film industry with over eight years of experience earning over $70,000 in funding. Cunningham used the funding to create her award-winning project, “I Am More Than My Hair,” which has been featured in HuffPost and Forbes, just to name a few. The project required an approximate $40,000 to execute. Thanks to funding resources like, IFundWomen of Color, American Express, and Women In Film and Television, Cunningham was able to place her film in over 20 film festivals, ultimately landing her project in a six-month solo exhibition inside of a Maryland museum.

“Because we’re in a new year, I wanted to use this time to help other creatives introduce new ideas to the film industry,” said Cunningham, “this project will help more creatives understand that they don’t have to have a ton of money to tell powerful stories, and how important it is to continually lend their talents to the culture of the film industry.”

To date, there are less than eight percent of BIPOC filmmakers, according to McKinsey and Company. Research shows that the barriers of BIPOC talent in film and television equate to economic fallout and are currently facing a lack of solutions for creating a more equitable, and inclusive workspace. About 92% of the film industry is led by 92 percent white film executives. On average, an independent film production cost over $250,000.

Cunningham has a passion for changing the narrative and wants to start by helping other BIPOC women access funding for their own film projects. The primary focus of the event will teach participants how to position their brands to access multiple forms of funding as a filmmaker. This will include how to obtain 501(c)(3) status through fiscal sponsorship, crowdfunding, fundraisers, and grants. The project is currently running as a pilot to gain interest in further details to successfully navigate the film industry’s landscape. For those who are interested, registration is currently open and can be found by visiting the “Events” page on Cunningham’s website

The event is scheduled to begin on March 31 at 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. For more information, email or visit

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